Women's History Month

Hey Friends,

I want to talk about how excited I am to share my new piece for Women's History month and then do a quick recap on ColumCon last week.

Women's History Month

The time has come for Women's History. This means that if you're in Chicago, you can go to Challengers Comics and Conversation and find a different female artist everyday selling her art to you at a table in that very store!

I will also have such a table to vend my arty-comicky wares. I have even made a new piece just for Women's History Month. This mini poster celebrates just a few of the many women today and through out history that have made an important impact on our society on a global scale.

This piece is available on my RedBubble shop right now. When you purchase any item with this art or the matching pattern, 50% of the profits will be donated to Planned Parenthood and the other will go to funding my work so I can keep improving and providing quality art!

If you are going to stop by at my table at Challengers on Thursday March 23, I will also have this art available as prints as well as hand-bound sketchbooks. The same deal applies there, 50% of the profits will be donated to Planned Parenthood at the end of the month (after all money is processed). So please consider buying this art for a good cause. You can visit my store here, or come visit me on March 23 at Challengers at 1845 N. Western Ave. Chicago, IL to pick up your own copy printed and put together by me!

Either way, I hope you take time this month to investigate and learn about the impact women have had on our cultures and societies through out history.

ColumCon Recap

ColumCon was last weekend and it was a blast. I got to talk with a lot of cool people and reconnect with a lot of old friends. My table was pretty successful over all and I made a significantly higher profit than any table I've done before. 

It was a super encouraging experience and has really motivated me to keep pushing my art and getting better. I hope if you're an artist who is still trying to figure stuff out, you remind yourself that having the courage to put yourself out there is always worth the struggle!