Graham Crackers Ladies Night Anthology!

Hey friends!

If you're a comics enthusiast in Chicago and care about female inclusion, you might be familiar with Graham Crackers Ladies Night. This group of intrepid ladies has been hosting Ladies Night at Graham Crackers in South Loop Chicago since 2012. They have been publishing the Ladies Night Anthology every year featuring the brilliantly skilled and talented women of Chicago who make comics. 

I was given the honor to submit a piece to one of their zines, Eat Me! that accompany the Ladies Night Anthology, this year's volume being Eat It Up!, given my history in zine creation. I want to share with you not, just because I got to work with them but because they are such an important group in Chicago's Geeky community. Please go and show them some love by buying one or all of their volumes of the Ladies Night Anthology.

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Check out my submission to the zine, Eat Me! below or on my Comics page.

In other news, I now have a profile on, a platform to streamline the connection between artists and clients. If you're a member on there and are looking for an illustrator to work on your project, please check out my profile. Otherwise you can always contact me here on my contact page here.

Thanks for hangin' out friends. I hope you have a fantastic week and be kind to one another.