Planned Parenthood, HER-POW, & Patreon

Hey friends,

Planned Parenthood

First off I want to thank the customers who bought sketch books with my women's history month art. I raised $50 from the sales made with my Women's History art. Thank you so much for supporting an important organization.


Ladies of the 80's at Toy De Jour

Coming up on May 5th, I'm going to be part of an all female group show at Toy de Jour by Western and Armitage (right up the street from Challengers!). Each artist chose a lady from the 80's to make art of and I chose the badass Ellen Ripley from Aliens. I can't wait to show you all what I'm going to make. It's going to be an original painting that will be for sale at the store alongside all the other art. More updates to come!

You can RSVP to the Facebook event

Speaking of Challengers, they've been putting up podcasts from Women's Comics month in which they interviewed the different artists who tabled at the store every day last month. Check out my clip here! Thanks again Challengers for hosting such an awesome month-long event.



I have also been working with HER-POW on a Film Project that is being crowd-funded. They are bringing to life some female super heroes from the Golden Age of Comics who are now in the public domain. I will be making art that will be one of the reward tiers if the project gets funded. I will be making art of the Veiled Avenger. Please watch the video below to get informed on what the project is and CLICK HERE to visit their Seed&Spark page. 


Patreon Launched

I have finally Launched my Patreon. You can visit my Patreon page here to find out what the rewards are and if you want to become one of my patrons. I hope to get this endeavor moving alongside making YouTube videos again. I'm going to make small sets of YouTube videos discussing different topics. The first series of videos is going to be talking about my first year out of college since graduating last May. I hope to have those videos ready by June alongside Patreon exclusive videos. So please consider becoming a patron!

That was a butt-load of updates! I hope you're looking forward to my future projects and stick with me on my journey to improving my art.